F15 BMW X5 with golden wheels: black and yellow 25.06.16

Yesterday, at my local radio station, I listened Wizz Khalifa’s song, Black and yellow. Today, when I opened my internet browser, looking for news about BMW tuners, what’s the first image that came before my eyes? A black and yellow X5 BMW!

This model has a wide range of compatible wheels. But these matte gold ADV12 M.V2 Standard Series rims clearly attracts our attention. Especially when combined with the Carbon Schwartz Metallic body color. Their size is also impressive: 21 x 10.5 at the front axle, respectively 21 x 11.5 at the rear.

There’s a good reason for their big size: to push the 2265 kg (4,993 lbs) SUV to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. Ok, a big merit for this acceleration is the 3.0 liter engine’s, which produces 375 hp and 740 Nm of torque (545 lb-ft).
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E46 BMW M3 with V10 engine for sale 24.06.16

Aah…the E46 BMW M3…we know it from our childhood, ant still, it continues to surprise us. Like this item, for example. The owner wasn’t satisfied by its power, deciding to replace the engine with a bigger one. And what’s bigger than am M3 engine? Obviously, an M5 one!

So, what was wrong with the original powertrain? Maybe the 4 missing cylinders, the inline architecture, the 157 hp less…we don’t know. What we know for sure is that the S54 naturally aspirated, 3.2 liter engine was already damn fast. It made possible the 0-100 km/h acceleration in 5.1 seconds and that says a lot.

However, the new unit is even quicker. Placed under the E60 M5’s hood, it catapults the big sedan to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, thanks to its huge power. The 507 horses and the 520 Nm of the S85 V10 engine raise this particular E46 M3 to a whole new level of refinement and dynamic performance. However, it also adds weight, destabilizing the perfect balance. So, do you like the idea of a big engine in a small car? If so, find out that this 2004 E46 BMW M3 is for sale!
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BMW E9 and BMW 2002 side by side 23.06.16

This story is based on a happy juxtapose. How many times are we able to see two classic BMWs, sharing the same body color, together? Very rare. Well, today is that rare situation, when a perfectly restored BMW E9 and a invisibly upgraded BMW 2002 smile together side by side. Why is the upgrade invisible? Don’t tell me you can spot that E30 M3 engine under the hood!

The Chamonix white perfectly compliments both items, being inoffensive and vintage. That’s one of the reasons why, looking at the pictures, it seems that we’re back in the ‘70s, when the cars had a truly beautiful silhouette, and were built from more metal and less plastic than these days.

The 2002’s story is narrated by its owner, which also restored it: Jeff Tighe. In this condition, it values $55.000. Useless to say – it’s perfectly preserved. Outside – it’s restored to the original look. There’s also this pair of fog lamps, which adds style to the front grille.
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F87 BMW M2 with Hamann wheels 23.06.16

One of the first mods to do when buying a car, is replacing its wheels. Not necessarily with larger ones, but preferable, with a lighter set. If they also add style, the better they are!

Since we presented you yesterday a combination between the German F87 M2 and the Italian Supersprint exhaust, which worked perfectly, allow us today to show you a a set of German wheels on a German car. How do you think they match?

Their name is Anniversary Evo, their diameter is 20 inch, and the design with thin spokes is as classy as it can be. Surely, Hamann will offer much more than only a set of wheels for the BMW M2. But they still keep it secret. However, based on their previous works of art, we can bet it’s a kit made of carbon fiber, which includes a new front splitter, continued with side skirts and a generously dimensioned rear diffuser. A big rear wing must also be part of the feast. You can probably buy them separately, as independent parts found in the official offer.
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F87 BMW M2 with Supersprint exhaust 21.06.16

What does it take to be a BMW M exhaust? The most important feature has to be the resistance to heat. Because the M division engines release very hot exhaust gas. Then, of course, the sound must be on par with the engine’s power. It should also improve the original exhaust’s note, to worth replacing it. And, let’s face it, this is a difficult set of tasks.

Not to mention that a proper exhaust system for an M BMW must have a better flow than the factory one. The first logical upgrade is the M Performance exhaust, where the BMW engineers shook their hands with the Akrapovic specialists, to obtain that specific sound.

However, there could be a better option: the Supersprint exhaust. How does it sound a German car with an Italian exhaust? Well, you can listen it in the following film, uploaded on youtube by the exhaust manufacturer.
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