F83 BMW M4 by G-Power: the black beauty 26.05.16

This beauty has what it takes to steal our admiration: the silhouette, the color, the wheels and the power. And I’m not talking about the 431 hp from the factory!

The body isn’t changed much, but, in my opinion, this is the best thing G-Power could do! Because, unlike other controversial BMW designs, the 4 Series, and especially M4, is perfectly designed: dynamic, aggressive and, overall, beautiful.

Everything G-Power did, was to add a small, discrete front lip, equally for style reasons and for dynamic purposes. It doesn’t let the air get under the body, pushing the front axle down to the ground. The german specialists also added a small diffuser, for the same seasons: first, because it looks cool, and then, because it helps the small amount of air that entered under the car quickly get out of it.
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F14 BMW M6 Gran Coupe with Forgiato rims 25.05.16

I have a couple of questions that will give you a clue about today’s subject. What’s greater than an M6? An M6 Gran Coupe. And what’s greater than an M6 Gran Coupe? An M6 Gran Coupe with 21 inches Forgiato rims! There we go!

Ok. So let’s mention from the start that the engine remained the same well known V8, 4.4 liter turbo. And that it develops the same 560 hp, which are more than enough for…anything that could get through your mind.

Nothing has been changed under the hood, therefore we can expect the same 680 Nm and 4.2 seconds for the 0-100 km/h sprint. Then, what’s different about this car?
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F86 G-Power Typhoon – the supreme SUV 24.05.16

A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone, that develops in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean. That’s the definition for one of the craziest behavior of mother nature. G-Power tried to match its wildness, by developing a unique supercar.

In order to achieve their ambitious purpose, they had to begin with a fast, big and mean car. It wasn’t too difficult to decide: the X6 M comes bundled with all these attributes. So they had a car.

Next, they had to modify it, which was a little harder, because…well…it was already damn fast.

First, they took both turbochargers and changed their compressor wheels, making them lighter, for less inertia and a better throttle response. They’ve reassembled the puzzle and balanced the wheels, at different rotation speeds, up to 250.000 rpm.
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The fastest way to transport the heavy load: E92 BMW M3 pickup 23.05.16

To fall in love with this car, you must be in one of the following situations: either you love the M3, but you need more room to carry the sacks of potatoes, either you love your old pickup, but it isn’t fast enough to take your potatoes to the market, either you love your potatoes, and you want to give them a ride with 250 km/h.

In each situation, you must be in a potatoes-business! Otherwise…I don’t know what you can use it at. To see it on the streets, you also must live in South Africa. That’s because RSA is the monster-pickup’s playground. And no, carrying potatoes isn’t its daily task. Then, why that big platform, wrapped in protective, rubbery paint in the rear? Probably just in case. But who cares, anyway?

We care about its weight distribution, for instance. Which must be compromised. We care about the chassis rigidity, though Mad Dog Racing, the company that made the modifications, say it’s at the highest standards.
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This V12, E53 BMW X5 Le Mans can set records on any circuit! 22.05.16

This weekend, as I was walking down the street, I saw a beautifully-tuned E53 BMW X5. Although there were no inscriptions on the clean-look design of the body, the powerful, typically V8 rumble, amplified by its modified exhaust system, made me understand it was the powerful 4.8 liter engine.

With a huge smile on my face, I squeezed my wife’s hand, asking her: ”can you imagine the power at full throttle?”. She answered: ”you asked the same thing two months ago, when you watched an X5 at Amelia Island!”.

Instantly, I understood she was right. Because, without even knowing it, I think I have a crush on the X5’s first generation. Especially when it comes to its big, V8 engine. But this is different. This is BIG. This gave me 50% more reasons to like it!
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