F22 BMW M2: exhaust system comparison 23.07.16

When I decided to compare these three exhaust systems, I was wondering how many articles we have wrote about the BMW M2. I couldn’t count them. It’s, surely, a very important subject, so I’ll risk again, writing about this model.

This time, though, it’s different. It’s a dynamic subject, a comparison, and today it won’t be any winner. At least, I will avoid to say my opinion, mainly because it’s a matter of taste. Anyway, the truth is that the 3 liter turbocharged engine sounds superb through any exhaust.

The verdict will be even more difficult, because of the celebrity of the three brands involved in this comparison. The first one is Akrapovic. I don’t know how exactly what’s the best way to describe this company, but, instead, I’ll say that, traditionally, they manufacture exhausts for motorcycles, and only recently they started working on automobiles. They’re best known for equipping a few teams from Moto GP, superbike and supersport. And, maybe the thing that no one knows, Akrapovic is a Slovenian brand!
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F10 BMW M5 LCI: extra power for the top model 22.07.16

We’re heading to the end of the life cycle for the F10 BMW 5 Series. It’s a sad moment, because we say goodbye to the great F10 generation. It’s, also, a happy moment, obviously, because we’re going to meet the next 5 Series iteration.

On this occasion, two special versions of the M5 top-model have been announced. The first one belongs to BMW factory, and it’s called “Competition Edition”. It takes all the good stuff from the regular M5, adding lots of extra features. Technically, the Bavarian specialists added extra pressure in the turbos, while remapping the ECU. The result is an impressive 600 hp and 700 Nm of torque, good enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

Anyway, is the second variant that we’re more interested in. It’s the proposal made by Speedbuster, and it makes the Competition Edition look…well…underpowered?!? And we’re speaking about 600 hp, for God’s sake! The red beast is called BMW M5 LCI, and it boasts 695 hp and 844 Nm of torque! There isn’t any information about the car’s acceleration, but I don’t think there’s a major improvement over the 3.9 seconds of the factory’s special edition. That’s simply because the rear wheel drive reaches its grip limits, and a big improvment is impossible. However, the real benefit is achieved on the highway, where the extra 95 hp feel brutal.
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BMW 1-Series Sedan dressed in M clothes 21.07.16

A few days ago, BMW presented a sedan version of the 1-Series. Back then, they said that will only be available in China, and that made us a little sad. However, to bring back the smile on out faces, X-Tomi Design published a rendering which imagined the new version in an M guise.

Whay I want to propose is seat back for 2 minutes and imagine how would perform a BMW 1-Series Sedan, if it would become reality. It would probably be pushed by the powerful 3-liter, inline-6 powertrain from the M2, good enough for 370 hp @ 6500 rpm, and 500 Nm @ 1450 – 4750 rpm. It would, probably, accelerate a few tenths slower than the 4.3 seconds coupe, and the chassis rigidity would suffer a bit, but nothing to worry about. This could be a hit on the Chinese market, since those guys are crazy about the one-of-a-kind cars, made especially for them.
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2016 BMW M2 Coupe by Manhart Shows-Off in Impressive Video 21.07.16

Whenever I hear about Manhart tuner I get shivers down my spine, the German aftermarket shop being one of the best on the segment, coming with impressive upgrade projects for different BMW models.

The 2016 BMW M2 Coupe hasn`t been left untouched by Manhart, the technicians adding an impressive power boost and a video to highlight the car`s impressive engine revving and acceleration.

We are dealing here with a special power kit, which raises the car`s engine from 431 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque to a massive 630 horsepower, all squeezed from the same S55 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine.

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E92 BMW M3 by EAS Is Impressive with the Frozen Black Wrap 21.07.16

The BMW M3 in its previous generation was considered a real blast, the model coming with sheer torque and an exquisite design. The price was also a spicy one and the fact that the model is still haunted down has attracted a lot of tuning companies to carry out special tuning programs.

The California-based European Auto Source know the E92 BMW M3 pretty good, the tuner customizing tens of models with cool and one-off projects. Their latest program involves this gorgeous Frozen Black M3, the model getting some fine aero parts and an increase power boost.

From a visual standpoint, the E92 BMW M3 is coming with the Mode Carbon fiber side skirts, GTS Motorsports rear spoiler, as well as the Vorsteiner Type 2 carbon fiber rear diffuser.

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