Home project mid-engine E30 BMW M3

This next vehicle I will be presenting you is something quite impressive and I have taken a particular shine to it, not just because it’s closer to home, but because it is an extreme build.

I am talking about a mid-engine E30 BMW M3, the fruit of labor of one Romanian going by the name of Alexandru Toma.

Mid-engine E30 BMW M3

Mid-engine E30 BMW M3

The E30 BMW M3 is, as the presentation video clearly shows, stripped down to its basic parts, to an extend rarely seen on custom builds. But then again, this is not just another E30 tune. This particular M3 was modified for one purpose only: to humiliate any competitor daring to challenge this baby to a drag race.

Mid-engine E30 BMW M3

Mid-engine E30 BMW M3

Losing weight is surely a good boon for performance, as the vehicle has a total of 1.000 kg with the driver, but that is not the most impressive part of the project. The best feature if the mid-mounted 6 cylinder M50 BMW engine, which was modified to displace 2.8 liters and to produce an astounding 350 Hp. For a taste of the power unleashed by this E30 BMW M3, watch the video just below.

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