BMW M6 Convertible by Mcchip-DKR Is a Real Mind-Blower

The aftermarket technicians from Mcchip-DKR tuner are familiarized with customizing the entire BMW lineup and almost every model has gotten its slice from the pie.

This BMW M6 Convertible has also received all the attention from the tuner, the hot looking Bimmer receiving some cool aftermarket body parts at the front and rear, making it extremely menacing.

But the real deal is under the hood, the BMW M6 Convertible receiving an important power boost.

In the stock version, the BMW M6 is packing a healthy 560 horsepower, which makes it extremely appreciated amongst BMW lovers, the model being seen in many drag races and winning against famous sports car like Porsche, Nissan GT-R or Ferrari.

With the new power kit and just 5 hours of work, the specialist from Mcchip-DKR managed to extract from the 4.4-liter bi-turbo mill an additional 74 horsepower, raising the car`s power to a total of 634 horsepower and 809 Nm of torque.

Surely the tuner has not released any performance figures, but the car is now powerful enough to juice up around 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Regardless of the numbers, this M6 Convertible is a real mind-blower and will definitely impress you with the fast acceleration and improved handling.

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