A BMW 2002 with an M3 heart

Yes, I know we have spoken two days ago about BMW 2002. But I couldn’t help myself…the second I saw this beast I knew the next story I’ll write will be about it.

In the beginning, it was a BMW 2002 from 1972. Originally, it has been equipped with a fuel-injected engine, delivering 130 hp. In its original form, the car managed to reach a top speed of 185 km/h (115 mph).

Then, its engine had been replaced with a newer, more impressive E30 M3. In its Evolution version, the engine develops 217 hp and 245 Nm @ 4750 rpm, being produced in only 500 items. When it equipped the original M3, the 2.3 liter powertrain boosted the car to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of 240 km/h. The actual performance figures of 2002 are unknown.

However, though it’s the most important change, the engine replacement isn’t the only modification. The car got rid of any useless accesory: the floor mats and carpet, the central console, the rear seats, the trunk carpet…nothing that could add weight is on the car anymore.

Other elements that couldn’t be thrown away were replaced with new, lighter ones. It’s the steering wheel’s case, replaced with a sportier Raid and the original seats’, which have been replaced with bucket seats.

The body was also modified using a wider kit from Zender. All the four steroidal fenders leave enough room for the hugely wide wheels, while the front apron keeps the car to the ground at high speeds. The same purpose for the gigantic rear wing.

Though it’s ready to race, the car is street legal, as the owner says. Or, should I say, the ex-owner, as the car has been already sold on ebay. We don’t know the final price – but we know that the asking price was €17.900 (about $24.900) which, giving the modifications, explains why it was sold so quick.

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