Expensive, but rare: the E21 Alpina C1 on ebay

What do you think about the BMW E21? Yes, I love it too! Now, what about the Alpina C1 based on the E21? Yeah, that’s more like it!

And you’ll probably become even happier when you’ll find out that it’s on sale on ebay. You can own this piece of history for $33,500. If your concern is the car’s mileage – no worries: the odometer displays just over 60,280 miles.

Back in 1983, when it was assembled, this Alpina C1 squeezed 210Nm@4500 rpm, from its 2.3 liter, 6 cylinder engine. Maybe more important, the power reached 168 bhp, enough to boost it to 100 km/h in only 7.4 seconds. Top speed? About 210 km/h (130 mph).

Comparing these numbers with those from the regular E21 323i model, we find an increased power, by almost 30 horses, a one second faster acceleration and an increased top speed by 8 km/h. We also find and an important number of different parts which turned it into a proper sports car.

This particular item has been assembled at the end of the 1980 – 1983 production period and only about 20 of them are still registered by Alpina. Its interior is dominated by the original optional Recaro seats covered in black suede with typical Alpina stripes.

The Alpina steering wheel, which is common to the one used by Vintage Motorsport Group in the totally restored E12 535i, adds originality to the impressively preserved interior.

Outside, the silver paint makes a beautiful contrast with the green stripes, perfectly maintaining the original image. The rear wing is another element that indicates the capability of the Alpina version, while the two mufflers and the wheels are shared with the BMW 323i.

Images source: ebay.com

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