F15 BMW X5M by Baan Velgen: it’s all about the sound

Buying a new car is a great event by itself: it’s new, so it has the WOW factor and you chose it, which means it’s your kind of toy. But there are people who want to upgrade their cars as soon as they bought them. It’s also this case.

Here, the BMW X5M owner asked the local tuner to take little care of his brand new beauty. Therefore, Baan Velgen did all he could to transform the fast SUV into a good-looking, loud, fast one. And he succeeded!

He started with the rims, replacing the original set with a new 21 inch one, made by HRE. Their satin black finish is also perfectly suited to the silvery body. Surely, he also had the option of adding a 22 inch wheels, same model, but it would become exaggerated. Although, looking at the price, for an extra $100 per wheel ($2600 for the 21” vs. $2700 for the 22“), I think I would prefer the bigger ones.

Anyway, the car looks very homogeneous in this version. But looking good it’s not enough. A proper Bimmer must sing its symphony through its exhaust. And this X5M interprets a magnificent tune, thanks to the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system! Its price: $6715. Its sound? Priceless! It’s made entirely of titanium and the sound it delivers is the irrefutable proof.

It also helps the car accelerate faster and it’s lighter than the original. All these make it look spectacular. But none of these characteristics would be important if it wouldn’t sound mean. And it does, when the valves are opened. Its dual personality is what makes it perfect for every environment, and that’s what I like most! So turn up the volume and let yourself flooded by the delightful sound of the 8 cylinders, coming through the exhaust!

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