F22 BMW M2 GTS by YasidDesign: cocky and impressive

You’re looking at a car that has nothing to do with shame, temperance and sobriety. We tried to find one element that looks regular. Nothing! This car is so out of this world!

…and it would be proper for the world of drifting competitions. Especially in the Japanese drifting championship, one of the most powerful around the globe.

Let’s analyze what makes this BMW M2 CSL rendering look so wild. First, its base, which is the new M2. It’s not a regular 2 series. It’s simply the cream, in terms of exterior line, engine and dynamics.

YasidDESIGN kept its original fascia design, but added extra wideness and length to the front bumper, slightly reminding of DTM style. Under it – a prominent black lip is perfectly integrated to add on-track stability and visual aggessivity. It continues with the complex side skirts, wide enough to match the car’s huge wheels.

The front and rear fenders look amazing by themselves, and manage to keep the original aspect, while being so different. If the car looks familiar to you, there’s a good reason for that. First, because if you like the Vision Gran Turismo game, you know there’s a M235i featuring a body kit, a big wing and a roll cage. Then, because recently, BMW showed two concepts based on the past, but heading to the future: the 3.0 CSL concept, and especially the CSL 3.0 Hommage R.

What would you place under the hood? In my imagination, the naturally aspirated 4 liter, V8 engine from the M4 DTM would be just perfect! It develops 500 bhp and 500 Nm, enough to easily send it to the top 270 km/h. In the end, let’s admire other renderings imagined by YasidDESIGN, near the two BMW concepts and the Vision Gran Turismo’s 2 Series.

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