Shiny E92 BMW M3 from

This is a BMW E92 M3. It’s a great car from the start, without any need to be modified. However, the tuners love to improve its dynamic performances. And it’s still loved by them, although three years have passed since the end of its production.

Unfortunately, the tuner did nothing to improve its technical specifications. However, they changed its looks. First, they took a body kit made by Carbonfiber Dynamics, to add a little drama. It contains a sharp front lip, some air diffusers to cool the engine bay, wider side skirts and a rear wing, to keep the car bond to the asphalt.

Then, they wrapped al the package in a shiny, chromed foil. I wonder what color is specified in the car registration… However, it’s not all-shiny. It has matte-black side stripes and a whole black engine hood.

All the transparent surfaces are tinted: the windows, the front and the rear lights. This adds an even scarier image to the supercar. On the radiator grille – the M scheme brings a drop of color in the black-and-chrome ocean.

As we said from the beginning – the technical side of the car remained absolutely unchanged. Therefore, you might think all these changes are pretty cheap. No, they’re not: the whole package costs about €14.000, or $15.700. And you’ll still have 420 hp from the natural aspirated V8, and not a pony more.

The look-pack won’t help you either with the 4.4 seconds acceleration to 100 km/h, but it can give you that extra style that makes the difference.

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