The fastest way to transport the heavy load: E92 BMW M3 pickup

To fall in love with this car, you must be in one of the following situations: either you love the M3, but you need more room to carry the sacks of potatoes, either you love your old pickup, but it isn’t fast enough to take your potatoes to the market, either you love your potatoes, and you want to give them a ride with 250 km/h.

In each situation, you must be in a potatoes-business! Otherwise…I don’t know what you can use it at. To see it on the streets, you also must live in South Africa. That’s because RSA is the monster-pickup’s playground. And no, carrying potatoes isn’t its daily task. Then, why that big platform, wrapped in protective, rubbery paint in the rear? Probably just in case. But who cares, anyway?

We care about its weight distribution, for instance. Which must be compromised. We care about the chassis rigidity, though Mad Dog Racing, the company that made the modifications, say it’s at the highest standards.

We care about its engine, but under the hood there are no complains: the stock, V8 powertrain displacing 4 liter, is assisted by a supercharger. However, there are no information about the acceleration. For sure, it’s faster than the 12.4 seconds for the quarter mile, but I can’t say a word about the 0-100 km/h time. That’s because its lighter rear axle may be pretty agitated at take off with full throttle.

But, to be honest, I keep wondering what’s the power after this treatment…considering that on regular basis, the M3 develops over 100 hp/liter. One thing’s for sure, though: the fact that’s the first supercharged M3 pickup on the planet. If you know another beast that shares this concept, please, share it with us!

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