Why is the 2016 BMW X5 So Powerful?

The BMW series is one of the most bragged upon luxurious cars; this is no hype. From advertisements to our friends owning one, this car is remarkably outstanding with style and poise.

The car itself is beyond handy. Features of the BMW range depending on customer preferences, although there are outstanding common specs linked with the car thus the positive impression to the public. The BMW X5 once again has tongues rolling as it cruises the highway. It has a classic spin of updated specs that only justify why it is a must have a car.

This excellent car is the real companion for long road trips. If you decide to take a cruise to Texas with this fantastic car, you might as well get some tidy cash loan from services.


This car merges comfort and technology amid just upgrade. It comes with a comfortable leather steering wheel that is easy to steer as you rest your hands. It has a great interior that is modified with internal cameras for easier control and turning. The driver’s seat is properly high raised for a wider view of the road and control of the vehicle, and should this not be enough; it is adjustable to meet driver preference. The back seats are installed with interior ventilation for the passengers. It further offers climate control for both the driver and passenger.


Your driving should not be just about mastering roads and landmarks to get to your destination; the X5 comes with a compass that aids you to arrive at your destination faster. This is an excellent feature, particularly when you do not have a GPS-enabled phone or laptop to find direction. Furthermore, it is Bluetooth enabled to stream audio music to your phone. Other features as AM/FM enhance your entertainment. The car has a speed sensitive volume control meaning you will still have a great sound reception without interference irrespective of the speed. It has a hands-free calling, for safer communication during driving. For safer night driving, it has night vision and pedestrian detection technology.

F15 BMW X5 Interior


It comes with an shift able automatic transmission:

Electric power steering
V6 diesel engine power, yes, it is reliable and convenient
Cruise control

Mileage vs. Fuel Economy

The V6 diesel power engine should not be frowned upon. This potent engine offers remarkable fuel economy. The BMW X5 covers up to 625 miles, and slightly lesser mileage on off-road drives. For cruising, fuel is saved with its advanced .


The BMW X5 carries up to a seven passengers. It offers an ample and secure cargo space that is enabled with an extended cabin heating and cooling system.


Upgraded child safety locks have been installed for the security of the minors. It has a car tracking assist in case you may lose your vehicle. Real driver and passenger airbags have been fitted for protection against hits using the car. Your tires are safer with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that both monitors and regulates your tire pressure.

The BMW X5 is beyond a convenient ride.

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