BMW 2002 looks as original as it can be

It’s been quite a while since we wrote about a BMW 2002. And it’s pity, because it is one of the iconic models made by the Bavarese. Therefore, we started looking specifically for a beautiful 2002 to write about. And guess what? We found one!

And it’s exactly our kind of car: not too flashy, but definitely a good looking car! It’s modified as much as it should, maintaining most of the original parts and adding a few extras that fit flawlessly. And it’s done exactly in time to enjoy the summer sun passing through its sunroof.

The car is owned by Blaz Tomanzin, an enthusiast car lover from Slovenia. He restored it carefully, to bring back its original aspect from 1973. The whole process of bringing the model to life took one year. It was filled with joy, but the biggest reward is now, that everything is in its place. And what a reward!

The color Blaz chose is the original Baltic Blue. The legendary 635 CSI looks astonishing painted like this, but the color looks equally good on this 2002. Just like the car, it’s not ostentatious at all and it’s as original as the car’s condition.

Onboard, the combination of leather and fabric looks spectacular and, same time, keeps the original aspect. Adding a wooden steering wheel and gearstick knob brings the whole atmosphere in the luxury side. That’s the best thing to do: make it simple, yet exquisite.

To make the 15 inch polished BBS rims look perfect, Blaz replaced the original suspension with a new kit, which has been tuned to achieve the perfect balance between the aggressive stance and the best performance.

This is, without any doubt, the best 2002 I’ve ever seen!

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