BMW i5 by RM Design – incursion in the future

Recently, Porsche published an interview with one of the most famous futurologists in the world, Lars Thomsen. One of his conclusions was that the world is going through changes unseen before, and one of them is the domination of the electric cars over the internal combustion ones in the next period of time.

More, it seems that, in 2025, there will barely be any internal combustion car coming from the production lines. If it’s true, than BMW is the most advanced luxury-cars manufacturer, owning a department of electric cars: the “i” division.

They made the sporty i8 come true, and, also, the efficient i3. They bought the electric engine into the sport class. And, what’s more important, their offsprings scream from all the pores: ”I’m a BMW!”.

The i family seems to get bigger, with BMW preparing an SUV. It’s not official news, but there are rumors about an i5 model. Three years ago, it seemed that it will compete with the Tesla Model S. But lately, after some statements of Ian Robertson, the BMW chief of sales and marketing, it looks more likely to be an all-electric SUV.

To make the batteries last longer, it seems that the future SUV will take benefits over the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), to lower the weight of the car. It could use a range extender, in the form of an internal combustion engine, as an option, just like the i3.

Taking all the information, RM Design imagined the i5 model, drawing two pictures with their own version of the future electric SUV. Basically, it is a mix between the i3 and i8 designs, combining the i8’s front lights and the i3’s silhouette. The tail lights and the other rear elements borrow the i8’s lines, also. All these are blend together, in a big, SUV-like package.

Frankly, it looks like a proper SUV made by the I division, and I congratulate RM Design for its performance. I can’t wait to see if the final model will look like these renderings!

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