BMW i8 DTM rendering makes us hope

When was the last time we wrote about the BMW i8? Oh, yesterday! Then, why do we write about it again today? Because the hybrid coupe is an exceptional car! And we totally love it!

It’s fast, thanks to its revolutionary hybrid powertrain. It packs a 1.5 liter, turbo gasoline engine, with three cylinders, and an electric motor. Together, they are capable of 362 PS, and 570 Nm. More, the acceleration up to 100 km/h lasts only 4,4 seconds, while the top speed is 250 km/h.

It’s, also, light. The CFRP body helps the Bavarian sports car stay under 1540 kg, which is remarkable for such a powerful car, especially when a battery-pack is involved in the equation. So, it has what it takes to get involved in the DTM championship.

Hence, a few digital artists imagined it in DTM clothes. But one of them did a particularly good job: rc82 workchop. It’s a flawless mix between an i8 and an M4 DTM, and it looks as if it was photographed on the track! That’s how real and…almost tangible it looks!

The thing is…maybe today it seems hazardous, but in the future, the DTM’s rules may change and the hybrid cars could enter the competition. We have the Formula One’s example: the 1.6 liter, internal combustion engines are eligible for the competition. They’re helped by the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), which can provide additional power at acceleration.

Looks familiar? You’re right: it’s a kind of hybrid engine. More, let’s think at the WEC races, which gather at the start all kind of hybrid systems. Again, does it look familiar? Suddenly, the BMW i8 DTM doesn’t seems to be only an imaginary beast!

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