E21 BMW 320i looks neat, yet aggressive

This is the first 3 Series BMW ever. And being the first of a kind, it’s also one of my weakness. I totally love every detail that make this car so special: the large windows, the clean look, the simplicity of the elements, the classy aspect. Every single thing is one of my favorites!

Now, that it’s modified, we might think it lost its appeal. In my opinion, it’s exactly the opposite. I can’t say I like the strongly modified classic cars, but when the mods are made within the acceptable limits, I totally love them!

And this 320i retained that original beauty, while gaining a sporty stance. Let’s spot the new features. There’s a new, superb Sepang Bronze body paint, which can be also found on the center of the Ronal Racing rims.

There’s been installed a universal Air Lift suspension kit, with digital management. A new, custom subframe has been built to help the wheels fit perfectly under the arches.
Onboard, an Italvolanti wooden steering wheel was installed and, though not perfectly matched with the suede-textured RSKT1 shift knob, it adds class to the whole interior. However, they both have brown elements that resemble the body color.

The engine isn’t modified at all. It’s the same 2 liter M10 carburetor engine, producing 123 hp. Though the original model had four front lights, this item only has two. Which, from my point of view, is better, because it leaves the aspect simple. Anyone who drove a carburetor engine knows that unique acceleration feeling, so I don’t think the owner will ever make any conversion.

However, an engine swap shouldn’t be impossible, since the BMW Motorsport specialists fitted a Formula 2 engine, back in the days when replacing an engine didn’t take so many calculations and simulations as now: late 70’s. It only took 12 weeks, a big engine and an E21 BMW 320i.

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