F80 BMW M3 by Sonic MS

It all begun with a Mineral Gray F80 BMW M3. A techy color for a very technologically advanced car. Then, everything got out of control. And it’s not difficult to control yourself, when you deal with a 431 hp M3.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a famous tuner, or a simple guy: the M3 can quickly make you lose your minds. The border between superb and kitsch is very thin. Thankfully, Sonic MS remained on the right side of the line, with a perfect design. I’m sure it’s not the color, the matte aspect of the paint or the lowered suspension. It’s the whole package.

It looks as if Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk crashed into Darth Vader. And the result is spectacular: the new set of BBS FI-R forged rims, priced at $8,000(!) perfectly sits under the fenders, thanks to the KW Clubsport two way coilovers. Together with the Brembo GT brakes, they help the modified M3 surpass the dynamic performance of the original model. That’s also the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires’ merit: with 285 mm in the front, and 305 mm in the rear, the 19, respectively 20 inch tires ensure tremendous grip levels.

To keep the occupants safe at high speed curves, the BMW M Performance seats are highly profiled, and they best match the GTS steering wheel.

There are mods also under the hood. There’s a VF Engineering Hex Stage 2 tuning software, which increases the output without the risk of losing the guarantee: it’s completely reversible. Going even lower, we discover the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system, adding extra horses and a powerful exhaust note.

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