BMW 1-Series Sedan dressed in M clothes

A few days ago, BMW presented a sedan version of the 1-Series. Back then, they said that will only be available in China, and that made us a little sad. However, to bring back the smile on out faces, X-Tomi Design published a rendering which imagined the new version in an M guise.

Whay I want to propose is seat back for 2 minutes and imagine how would perform a BMW 1-Series Sedan, if it would become reality. It would probably be pushed by the powerful 3-liter, inline-6 powertrain from the M2, good enough for 370 hp @ 6500 rpm, and 500 Nm @ 1450 – 4750 rpm. It would, probably, accelerate a few tenths slower than the 4.3 seconds coupe, and the chassis rigidity would suffer a bit, but nothing to worry about. This could be a hit on the Chinese market, since those guys are crazy about the one-of-a-kind cars, made especially for them.

Have we dreamt enough? I hope so, because, unfortunately, this scenario is totally not plausible. And I’ll explain why that’s not going to happen: as BMW specialists announced us, the 1-Series Sedan is based on the UKL1 platform, shared with the 2-Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer and the latest generation of X1 SUV. This mean, amongst some positive characteristics, that it also shares its front wheel drive or, optionally, the all wheel drive layout. And when have we seen an M variant to move anything else than the rear wheels? Never. So, let’s stick to admiring the rendering and wake up!

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