E28 BMW 540i looks astonishing!

Damn! This could be the perfect car! A classy E28 BMW with a V8 engine could represent the best deal for many of us. Yes, I know, you’ll say that the E28 BMW has never been built with a V8 engine under its bonnet, and you’re right. But Riley Stair, this car’s owner, replaced the original powertrain with a newer, more powerful one.

It was almost impossible to replace its heart, without changing its form, but, thankfully, Riley managed to fit the huge engine in the E28’s chest. No one will know the immense power hidden under this 5 Series’ hood, not until he’ll provoke it to a sprint. Then, the opponent might ask himself: ”why didn’t I looked at the passenger’s side exhaust?”. Because yes, it tells a story.

The story of the first V8 engine that ever equipped a BMW! The story of a 203 kg, 4 liter beast, capable of 286 hp and 400 Nm of torque, with 8 ignition coils, instead of only one distributor. It equipped the E38 BMW 740i and the E31 BMW 840i, facts that says all about the powertrain’s capabilities. More, it was the engine that De Tomaso chose to move the Guara model.

The E28’s body suffered lots of other changes, which transformed the item from a beautiful, classy one in an aggressive, almost shocking car. For instance, the ride has been lowered enough to allow an impeccable roadholding while amplifying the appeal. A striking set of 16” BBS RS rims almost touch the fenders, adding a fresh, sporty look.

Onboard, the new brown leather upholstery transforms the front and rear sits and the door cards into like-new ones, while the mint dash and the Nardi steering wheel keep the vintage aspect.

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