F01 BMW 7 Series by Prior Design

There are two ways of starting a tuning project: either by choosing a slow car, and then spending lots of money and time, using all the skills to add power, or by starting with a fast car, preferably a turbocharged one, which is easier to be modified.

But there’s a much more simple way of modifying a car: by not touching its engine! If that’s the case, then the base car must be pretty impressive, to counteract the lack of extra horses. And what’s more impressive than a BMW 7 Series? Probably no other BMW model. Prior Design chose the luxurious car and garnished it, inside and out, with lots of goodies.

Let’s take it methodically with the exterior. The PD7R Aerodynamic Kit consists of custom front bumper with a lip spoiler, side skirts, a redesigned rear bumper, which incorporates a diffuser, and a boot lid spoiler. All the elements are made of carbon fiber, which means they’re light and resistant.

Two different sets of 20 inch wheels are available, giving the customer the possibility of choosing between different colors.

Onboard, the finest combination of leather and alcantara welcomes the occupants, presenting some of the most impressive stitching in the industry.

Though the German specialists didn’t touch the engine, they helped it by replacing its original exhaust with a new one. Under the car, other mods help the luxury sedan keep its direction, including a new suspension kit and a new set of wide wheels.

I almost hear you asking about the Aerodynamic Kit’s price. It costs 3.600 euros, but keep adding all the other extras and you’ll spend somewhere around 10.000 euros.

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