F22 BMW M2: exhaust system comparison

When I decided to compare these three exhaust systems, I was wondering how many articles we have wrote about the BMW M2. I couldn’t count them. It’s, surely, a very important subject, so I’ll risk again, writing about this model.

This time, though, it’s different. It’s a dynamic subject, a comparison, and today it won’t be any winner. At least, I will avoid to say my opinion, mainly because it’s a matter of taste. Anyway, the truth is that the 3 liter turbocharged engine sounds superb through any exhaust.

The verdict will be even more difficult, because of the celebrity of the three brands involved in this comparison. The first one is Akrapovic. I don’t know how exactly what’s the best way to describe this company, but, instead, I’ll say that, traditionally, they manufacture exhausts for motorcycles, and only recently they started working on automobiles. They’re best known for equipping a few teams from Moto GP, superbike and supersport. And, maybe the thing that no one knows, Akrapovic is a Slovenian brand!

Next – the world leader in sport exhausts. Their story is impressive: in 26 years, they managed to be present in 60 countries, starting from only 5 employees. In only three years from the beginning, the company built a production area of 12.000 square meters!

Finally, the last exhaust system comes from the Motorsport division of BMW. Yes, it’s the stock exhaust, and we know it’s an impressive sounding system.

Which one is the greatest, and more interesting – does it worth replacing the original exhaust system with an aftermarket one? You’ll decide!

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