F22 BMW M2 with Akrapovic exhaust sounds scary

Who says that turbocharged engines don’t sound brilliant? Not me, for sure! And probably not anyone that heard a BMW M equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust.

It sounds absolutely mind blowing, with all those crackles and bangs, and it looks as aggressive as any other Akrapovic exhaust. But there aren’t the only benefits of the exhaust system. It’s also lighter than the original system, managing to get rid of 6.1 kilograms, thanks to the lightweight titanium construction.

Another benefit of the new exhaust is the gain of power. Paired with this particular 3 liter turbo engine, it brings an extra 8.8 hp, which may not seem sensational, but in a one-on-one challenge, this is a major advantage. And not only in this situation, but also in the fast curves, taken close to the redline. Those who like the middle range revs, will appreciate the increased torque by 7.1 Nm, thanks to the less restrictive exhaust system.

Add these numbers to the 370 hp and the 465 Nm and you’ll have the image of a very fast car, capable of accelerating as impressive as it sounds. In standard configuration, it does 100 km/h in just 4,3 seconds, but giving the fact that the new system is both lighter and less restrictive, we expect slightly improved values.

This exhaust system is a good choice for the BMW M2 owners, and, thanks to its advantages, it will probably be one of the most popular aftermarket exhaust amongst the M2 owners. And if we look at the Akrapovic heritage, this thing seems like a real winner!

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