F22 BMW M2, with Akrapovic exhaust

The BMW M2 is a small, lightning fast car. In original configuration, it produces a beautiful sound, not to mention the power. Then, why replacing its exhaust with a louder one? Simply, because you can! Because it’s a BMW, and a BMW must be admired, heard, felt and touched.

Today, it’s about a loud BMW M2, which became even louder, thanks to the Akrapovic Evolution Line titanium exhaust. It looks mean, it sounds meaner and it collaborates perfectly with the turbocharged V6 engine. What else could you wish for? Lightweight? Oh, it’s light, allright: being made of titanium, it looks hi tech, weigh less than the original and has that specific ”grrrr” sound.

However, as you can see in the film, there’s even more than just the exhaust. It’s also a new, lower KW Clubsport 3-way coilover suspension, which really transforms the M2’s stance. It looks way meaner then in its original form and it probably also drives better, but mainly on the track. On road, the distance between the BBS Flow Forming CI-R 20″ wheels and the fenders is so small, that I have doubts about its stability on bumpy surfaces. However, there are various ways of achieving the right setting for the suspension. Anyone can find the right setup in only few steps.

The engine is in its original form, but that’s ok, because 370 hp and 500 Nm of torque will satisfy almost anyone. On road, that’s a huge amount of power, and you won’t probably need it. In a race, though it’s not so much, but the engine is so easily upgradable, that it’s no problem squeezing 100 hp extra pretty fast and simple.

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