F30 BMW 3 Series by Moshammer – the newcomer

If you’re a big fan of the F30 3 Series, no matter what version, you’ll probably appreciate the body kit proposed by Manufaktur Moshammer. It can be applied to any of the F30 models, from the 318i to the 335d, adding a kind of M3 looks.

These are good news for many of us, especially since the 3 Series is one of the most popular BMW cars. The tuner offers, for the cars with BMW M Sport Package, a splitter made of carbon fiber, redesigned front spoiler with new air intakes, wider side skirts, and a new rear spoiler, including an aggressive diffuser.

The engine bonnet received a special treatment, being more profiled and increasing the aero kit’s overall aggressiveness. Not to mention that everybody will think that you have some 500 hp under the pedal, while you could own a 318d.

Beside the sporty stance, it also enhances the grip at high speeds, pushing the car to the ground. The limits can now be beyond the engine’s capabilities, therefore you may also need some engine mods.

Anyway, what really help this car looking good is the striking contrast between the white body and the carbon fiber elements, while the black rims add style to the whole package. Not to mention that some Performance elements have been combined with the Mosheimer package, to add a little salt to the whole mix: the carbon fiber mirror caps and the black kidneys.

This kit is a newcomer for the BMW enthusiasts, which is great! The German tuner is specialized in Mercedes and Porsche, but we welcome its decision to take also care of BMW models!

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