F83 BMW M4 with Dinan intake & exhaust

The F83 BMW M4 is an excellent car to choose, if you want to start a project. It has a turbo powertrain, which is great for tuners, showing lots of potential. It’s a very rigid cabriolet, in spite of its convertible form, allowing the driver to experiment coupe-like handling with motorcycle-like sensations.

Therefore, we can find many F83 modified units around the world. Most of them have turbocharger related mods, some even a turbo replacement. It’s easy to improve a turbo car’s performance, but it becomes expensier and more complex as you want more. And, once you started, it’s difficult or impossible to stop.

From the beginning, for some guys it could be hard to understand why would somebody want to improve 431 PS @ 7500 rpm and 550 Nm of torque? These numbers sound delicious from the start! Yes, but delicious is less than supreme. And some BMW owners aren’t satisfied with less than the best.

However, most of the drivers are in the middle. They find the performances offered by the powerful, mostly supercharged engines, rather sufficient for their driving style. It’s the case here: this BMW M4 Convertible’s owner is satisfied with its power. He only wants a bit of extra sound. The solution was to install a Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake and a Dinan exhaust, which adds a specific sound, and also 14 hp and 28 Nm, which is not impressive, but it’s better than nothing.

The body also received a slight treatment, with RKP carbon fiber trunk spoiler and an M Performance kit, including front splitter, side skirts, mirror covers and rear diffuser.

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