F87 BMW M2 GTS – between imagination and reality

If this will become reality, then my happymeter will blow! Will BMW launch an even sportier version than M2? And, if so, will it be named BMW M2 GTS? All the hints drive us to that possibility!

In few occasions, people from BMW said, unofficially, that a new, lighter version of the M2 model is currently under development. It could be a GTS, or even a CSL. No one knows, but everyone hopes it will bring extra horses, lesser weight and a more track-focused philosophy.

If this is true, what should we expect? First, as in the M4 GTS’ case, lighter body panels, made of carbon fiber. We can include here the engine bonnet, the roof, and the front splitter. This will also lower the center of gravity, promising a better handling. Onboard, a new pair of lighter seats and, generally, lighter materials, will drop a few kilograms. The same story repeats to the exhaust system, which could be made of titan.

Then, a proper aero package, featuring a large wing, designed to keep the car on track. The suspension will probably be adjustable, while the fading – free carbon – ceramic brakes will stop the car fast, even in the most demanding conditions.

It’s possible that the 3.0 liter turbocharged engine will raise its power to about 400 hp. In that case, we can expect to see a new Active M differential, developed to optimize the torque sent to the rear wheels.

There’s only one condition – that the rumors will come true. And if everything will prove to be more than a dream – I can’t wait to see what will be the M2 GTS’ time on Nordschleife!

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