Mirorless BMW i8 – closer to production, due to Japanese legislation?

The BMW i8 has two characteristics that define it: first, it’s a supercar, and that’s a thing no one can deny. Second: it’s one of the most sophisticated cars on the market, equally because of its highly advanced engine and because of the rich equipment. But how about an even more complex BMW i8, with rear view cameras instead of mirrors?

It wouldn’t be a major technological breakthrough, but it would bring some advantages in aerodynamics and, probably, convenience. It looks to be production – ready, and now, with the latest legislation in Japan, the BMW specialists could equip the sports car with side cameras on the Nippon market.

How efficient are those cameras? It’s enough to say that there are three, two of them on each side, one on the rear window, and each one of them is wide angle. The images captured by the cameras are projected on a 300 x 85 centimeters screen, mounted in the center of the windscreen. It is placed where the lowest rearview mirror would stay, letting enough space to observe the traffic lights and the cars in front. But, looking at the pictures, we have to say – it’s pretty big.

Surely – the system keeps all the characteristics from the rearview mirrors – including the blind spot detection. The parking guide lines are also displayed on the screen, adding convenience to manoeuvres. The scratches aren’t a problem for the cameras, as they feature Gorilla glass. Even more, you won’t have to worry about the muck, because of the clear coating.

So will it be produced? There’s no word about it. Probably not. But, in the end – who knows?

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