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F30 BMW 3 Series by Moshammer – the newcomer

If you’re a big fan of the F30 3 Series, no matter what version, you’ll probably appreciate the body kit proposed by Manufaktur Moshammer. It can be applied to any of the F30 models, from the 318i to the 335d, adding a kind of M3 looks.

These are good news for many of us, especially since the 3 Series is one of the most popular BMW cars. The tuner offers, for the cars with BMW M Sport Package, a splitter made of carbon fiber, redesigned front spoiler with new air intakes, wider side skirts, and a new rear spoiler, including an aggressive diffuser.
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F30 BMW 3-Series M Performance with Aero Kit by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner tuner recently turned a BMW i8 into a real-deal, thanks to its newly developed carbon fiber aero kit, and continues its transformation series with another hot BMW model, such as the F30 BMW 3-Series seen here wearing the M Performance package.

As we can depict from the media gallery below, the F30 3-Series is now coming with the tuner`s special carbon kit, visible on the front spoiler and rear end diffuser. Also, the car has received new lowering springs, which make it extremely aggressive.

As before on the BMW i8, the carbon fiber aero kit consists of the tuner`s Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber composite, which makes the i8`s structure more rigid and offers increased durability.

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F30 BMW 3-Series Sits on HRE Wheels

HRE tuner is another leading shop on the wheel industry, offering a lot of customized wheels for different manufacturer. One of its exclusive programs is BMW, and in case, a proper introduction of the F30 BMW 3-Series is more than welcome.

We are looking here at another astonishing program carrier out on the F30 3-Series, the model receiving just the tuner`s new set of wheels and a bunch of body styling updates.

We are looking here at the latest HRE FlowForm FF01 wheels, which provide the model with an extremely aggressive look and stance. And their black finish goes just well with the car`s new lowering springs. Other noticeable modifications represent the new rear spoiler and blacked-out exhaust tips.

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E21 BMW 320i looks neat, yet aggressive

This is the first 3 Series BMW ever. And being the first of a kind, it’s also one of my weakness. I totally love every detail that make this car so special: the large windows, the clean look, the simplicity of the elements, the classy aspect. Every single thing is one of my favorites!

Now, that it’s modified, we might think it lost its appeal. In my opinion, it’s exactly the opposite. I can’t say I like the strongly modified classic cars, but when the mods are made within the acceptable limits, I totally love them!

And this 320i retained that original beauty, while gaining a sporty stance. Let’s spot the new features. There’s a new, superb Sepang Bronze body paint, which can be also found on the center of the Ronal Racing rims.
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This is a damn fast E36 BMW 328i

Sometimes, when I think I’ve seen everything, something new comes and blows my mind. This time, that “something new” is a 3-series E36 BMW, which can cover a quarter of mile in just 9 seconds.

I grew up together with the 3 Series and the generation that impressed me the most was E36. Therefore, when I look at this modified item, I get shivers on my spine. Bu not because the way it looks.

No, it’s not about looks, it’s not about style. It’s about performance. Pure performance. No front bumper, because the intercooler needs maximum airflow. No fancy rims, just light and resistant. No rear wing, because it would make the car slow.
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