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BMW M550d by G-Power Comes with Impressive Torque

When it comes to fine-tuning a BMW product, the aftermarket specialists from G-Power are perhaps the most dedicated. They know BMW in and out and carry out exceptional power upgrades under the hood, and we have seen some pretty examples on that matter.

We have seen lots of BMW models, such as the X5 M or X6 M, along with the M2 Coupe or M3/M4, receiving impressive power kits. The tuner`s latest project involves the above BMW M550d in its former generation, this one also getting its fare share of power under the hood.

In the visual department, the mods aren`t that many, the top of the line version from the 5-Series receiving some slight updates at the front and rear bumpers, along with the new 20- and 21-inch front and rear HURRICANE RR alloy wheels, available in three colours, ”Jet Black”, ”Gun Metal Grey” and ”Stardust Silver”.

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E28 BMW 540i looks astonishing!

Damn! This could be the perfect car! A classy E28 BMW with a V8 engine could represent the best deal for many of us. Yes, I know, you’ll say that the E28 BMW has never been built with a V8 engine under its bonnet, and you’re right. But Riley Stair, this car’s owner, replaced the original powertrain with a newer, more powerful one.

It was almost impossible to replace its heart, without changing its form, but, thankfully, Riley managed to fit the huge engine in the E28’s chest. No one will know the immense power hidden under this 5 Series’ hood, not until he’ll provoke it to a sprint. Then, the opponent might ask himself: ”why didn’t I looked at the passenger’s side exhaust?”. Because yes, it tells a story.

The story of the first V8 engine that ever equipped a BMW! The story of a 203 kg, 4 liter beast, capable of 286 hp and 400 Nm of torque, with 8 ignition coils, instead of only one distributor. It equipped the E38 BMW 740i and the E31 BMW 840i, facts that says all about the powertrain’s capabilities. More, it was the engine that De Tomaso chose to move the Guara model.
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E60 BMW 5 Series with four kidneys

How many kidneys do you have? What about your Bimmer? If you would have four, you’d have a problem, but there are never too many kidneys in your BMW. This item proves it.

It doesn’t matter where it keeps them. In this situation, though, they’re in the trunk, just like yours. But, unlike yours, they almost don’t have a functional purpose. No. They’re there for the beauty’s sake.

Why almost and not totally? Hint: they are a part of the sound system. If in front of the car they let the air in, inside its trunk they let the air from the bass system go out. The E60 BMW 5 Series belongs to Matt Schaeffer and, I have to say it, it’s not the most charming car I’ve ever seen. But, it’s certainly, one of the loudest and it has one of the most unusual trunk space.
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A fascinating piece of history: BMW 535i by Vintage Motorsport Group

Now…what about this beauty? I’m talking about a 36 years old BMW E12 528i, that was horribly preserved, but impressively modified by Vintage Motorsport Group.

The car had been assembled with only one year before BMW ceased the production of the E12 generation. The interesting fact is that the M 535i has been assambled only in the last two years of the production life, therefore finding an item, not to mention finding it in flawlessly condition, is pretty hard. So, why not building one from a 528i?

This was the case here: instead of searching a very rare 535i, Ron Perry found a 528i in poor condition, but with only 49.000 miles shown on the odometer. And once he had found it, why keeping it original, when he could modify it to enhance its charisma?
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F10 BMW 5-Series M Sport Sits on Vossen Wheels

Every BMW model reveals a sense of authenticity, but it is up to any aftermarket shop to make the best of it, by personalizing it into some even more standout.

The F10 BMW 5-Series is that particular model that imposes respect and aggressivity, but in a good sense, as Vossen Wheels really knows its business.

Fitted with the M Sport aero kit and a set of new wheels, this gorgeous model really deserve some respect, just by admiring its presence on the roads.

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