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The fastest way to transport the heavy load: E92 BMW M3 pickup

To fall in love with this car, you must be in one of the following situations: either you love the M3, but you need more room to carry the sacks of potatoes, either you love your old pickup, but it isn’t fast enough to take your potatoes to the market, either you love your potatoes, and you want to give them a ride with 250 km/h.

In each situation, you must be in a potatoes-business! Otherwise…I don’t know what you can use it at. To see it on the streets, you also must live in South Africa. That’s because RSA is the monster-pickup’s playground. And no, carrying potatoes isn’t its daily task. Then, why that big platform, wrapped in protective, rubbery paint in the rear? Probably just in case. But who cares, anyway?

We care about its weight distribution, for instance. Which must be compromised. We care about the chassis rigidity, though Mad Dog Racing, the company that made the modifications, say it’s at the highest standards.
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Shiny E92 BMW M3 from

This is a BMW E92 M3. It’s a great car from the start, without any need to be modified. However, the tuners love to improve its dynamic performances. And it’s still loved by them, although three years have passed since the end of its production.

Unfortunately, the tuner did nothing to improve its technical specifications. However, they changed its looks. First, they took a body kit made by Carbonfiber Dynamics, to add a little drama. It contains a sharp front lip, some air diffusers to cool the engine bay, wider side skirts and a rear wing, to keep the car bond to the asphalt.

Then, they wrapped al the package in a shiny, chromed foil. I wonder what color is specified in the car registration… However, it’s not all-shiny. It has matte-black side stripes and a whole black engine hood.
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This is a damn fast E36 BMW 328i

Sometimes, when I think I’ve seen everything, something new comes and blows my mind. This time, that “something new” is a 3-series E36 BMW, which can cover a quarter of mile in just 9 seconds.

I grew up together with the 3 Series and the generation that impressed me the most was E36. Therefore, when I look at this modified item, I get shivers on my spine. Bu not because the way it looks.

No, it’s not about looks, it’s not about style. It’s about performance. Pure performance. No front bumper, because the intercooler needs maximum airflow. No fancy rims, just light and resistant. No rear wing, because it would make the car slow.
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Video: How about an E92 BMW M3 with Armytrix Exhaust System?

Famous tuning companies worldwide have not forgotten the E92 BMW M3 in its previous generation, the model being a real inspiration for them in terms of visuals and upgrade programs under the hood.

And this E92 BMW M3 seen here has demonstrated again that it remains a genuine and iconic German killing machine, the model being fitted with an Armtrix exhaust system. The video below presents the car`s system which is perfect for some burnouts and accelerations.

Once installed with the Armytrix exhaust system, the E92 M3 is extremely loud, exceeding 120 dB, but to hear it in its full plenitude, you should be there. In case not, you`d better watch the video and find out!

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F80 BMW M3 Sits on HRE Wheels

The F80 BMW M3 is popping-up in our news again, the model showing-off in the Alpine White body wrap and wearing the gorgeous “shoes” from HRE Wheels tuner.

The M3 looks exquisite in any given color from the M division and the Alpine White is no exception, especially if it comes with the right set of wheels and the proper lowering springs.

The aftermarket specialists from HRE Wheels have fitted their high-performance HRE R101 alloy wheels, and are sized 19×9 at the front and 19×11 at the rear, respectively. Also, the Gold finish is perfectly complementing the exterior color.

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