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Speed Yellow BMW M3 in Speed Yellow Arrives in Abu Dhabi

BMW Abu Dhabi is the most exclusive and most expensive dealerships that BMW has ever created, with hundreds of models being displayed for show or for selling purposes. And there are a lot of rich Arabs that want the best from a customized BMW product.

Joining the tens of i8s, X6s and plethora of BMW M4s, is this gorgeous BMW M3 that we see below in the media gallery, quietly standing on one of the dealership`s stands, ready to be officially introduced to visitors or potential buyers.

Unlike previous BMW M3s or M4s, this lad here doesn’t come with any special aero parts put together by AC Schnitzer of Vorsteiner, but it does stand out from the crowd with the rare and gorgeous Speed Yellow body wrap.

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Sakhir Orange F80 BMW M3 Sits on HRE Wheels, Installation by Autocouture Motoring

Autocouture Motoring tuner has recently finished the pieces on this exquisite F80 BMW M3, the model looking smashing in the Sakhir Orange body wrap and the plethora of new aero kit elements. Not to mention the HRE wheels, which provide the model with a unique look and feel.

As we can depict from the pictures below, the model looks smashing and extremely hot with the rare Sakhir Orange color, the technicians also increasing its aggressive attitude by adding bespoke body parts.

We are looking here at a new aero kit consisting of gloss black kidney grille inserts, matte black air intake spoilers, black side gills, carbon front spoiler, decklid spoiler and bespoke rear diffuser.

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BMW M3 Sits on HRE Wheels

Here we go again with the gorgeous BMW M3 receiving some nice cool from HRE Wheels tuner, that tuner that makes high-performance wheels for almost every BMW product.

As we can depict from the photo gallery below, the BMW M3 is looking marvelous and extremely aggressive with the new alloys. They provide greater stance, stability and adds a sense of superiority as opposed to other BMW M3s.

The entire installation was carried out by the aftermarket specialists from TAG Motorsport, another famous shop from the tuning industry which deals with heavy customizations. Interesting enough, the tuner have not adopted their extreme tuning project on this M3, considering that some slight body mods and a set of new wheels would be just enough.

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“Fire and Water” E92 BMW M3 Is Looking Magnificent

Just like the late BMW 1M, the previous-gen E92 BMW M3 has remained one of the most haunted down models, and that`s because of the beautiful design highlighted by aggressive looks, and exquisite power under the hood.

Recently, the iconic E92 BMW M3 has been the subject of a standout out project, and when I say a standout model, it really is. It just caught my attention in a blink of an eye, with what the folks from Diaz Plus tuning company, call it the “fire and water” body wrap. Not to mention the plethora of styling bits and new wheels.

Besides the eye-catching theme on the body styling, this old-timer also comes with a carbon fiber aero kit, consisting of a custom carbon fiber front splitter, M Performance rear spoiler, Vorsteiner rear diffuser, and some parts offered by Revozport – wing, mirror inserts, front grill and side fender grills insers.

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BMW M3 and BMW M4 by AC Schnitzer: what’s new?

What does it mean to have 431 hp these days? Not too much, if you ask a certain kind of people. For most of us, this amount of power isn’t enough. Therefore, the specialists from AC Schnitzer are offering goodies no one can refuse.

Let’s start with the body. In front, the light carbon elements of the bumper, weighing only 400 g, can be used alone, or in combination with the rest of the body kit. Getting to the stage two, a racing front splitter is added, to improve the downforce and, therefore, the stability. Finally, the stage three implies the presence of 4 front side wings, which help the air flow pushing even more the front axle to the ground.

Moving back, we find the carbon fiber mirror caps, while in the rear, the carbon fiber diffuser, the spoiler, the carbon rear wing (which is available in two height versions) and the roof spoiler add extra downforce, this time on the rear axle.
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