BMW 5 Series Tuning

Vorsteiner VMS-F10 BMW 5 Series

American love for the BMW 5 Series has a different perspective when it comes for Vorsteiner and involves a lot of black.

I do mean that, just about everything they’ve put on or polished up on the F10 BMW 5 Series was painted black. Murdered out was invented for this car.

Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series
Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series

The VMS-F10 package is a pretty comprehensive light tuning proposition which sharpens up the look, the aero and messes with the performance just a little bit.

The look of the Vorsteiner VMS-F10 is what dominates the experience. Starting with a redesigned body kit, the original presence of the 5 Series was somehow maintained.

Despite a new front spoiler, rear spoiler and the integration of a diffuser you will struggle to spot the differences. Where you won’t struggle is in the wheel department.

Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series
Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series

This is where the American tuner fitted 20 inch (21 inch at the back) five spoke forged alloy wheels and then powder coated them as dark as possible.

Also easy to spot is the new decklid spoiler and the completely clear rear light assembly they’ve opted for.

Though performance mods are limited to it, Vorsteiner seem very pleased with the new full cat back exhaust system they’ve fitted.

Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series
Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series

No unusual mods, bolt on benefits, full cats, louder exhaust (with some F1 tones) and a minimal performance gain is what they want to shout about.

Apparently, the new system can provide anywhere up to 12 horsepower and 2 lb-ft of torque extra, depending on model, testing conditions and the usual factors of tuning.

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