BMW X3 Tuning

AC Schnitzer’s idea of what the BMW X3 should be

When talking about a fast or well modified BMW, most people think of the 3, 5, 6 Series or their M equivalents but AC Schnitzer thinks the thinks we should consider the X3.

It may not be the fastest car made by the Bavarians or even the fastest of the X range of crossovers but it’s very attractive to buyers.

AC Schnitzer BMW X3
AC Schnitzer BMW X3

Thus, the desire to make it stand out is a little more important for the customizing scene so the BMW X3’s presence might not be worthy of a second look.

With the performance aspects being first to considered it’s rather unusual to see the German tuner focus on the diesel powerplants first.

The 2.0d version goes from a standard 184 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque to 218 horsepower and the 3.0d version goes from 258 horsepower to 413 lb-ft of torque.

AC Schnitzer BMW X3
AC Schnitzer BMW X3

So the BMW X3 gets more grunt under the bonnet without compromising its fuel economy but somehow, AC Schnitzer still didn’t tell us too much about the petrol ones.

New alloy wheels between 18 and 22 inches are available, along with new tires but no word on suspension changes are mentioned.

If I’m honest that’s a pretty good think. Losing some of the comfort with the wheels is already enough, we don’t need an even harder suspension than the one BMW fits at the factory.

AC Schnitzer BMW X3
AC Schnitzer BMW X3

What I do approve of however is the AC Schnitzer redesigned aerodynamic setup. It consists of a full body kit a new rear window spoiler.

The whole thing looks great, and the AC Schnitzer decals that sitting on the rear doors are well appointed.

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