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BMW M3 S3-R by Dinan Tuning

BMW’s brand new and shiny F30 M3 model is still several months away from an unveiling and a few extra ones away from an actual market release.

Despite the relatively far away new model, there’s a considerable lack of interest in the E92 version of the BMW M3, the previous generation.

BMW M3 S3 R by Dinan
BMW M3 S3 R by Dinan

Partly, this is understandable. But If you’re not on that camp, you might want to get in touch with Dinan Tuning.

This is because the American tuner still cares for the old V8 powered BMW M3 and wants owners to keep on enjoying their car.

By some claims this would happen even after the F30 version is announced. Sounds quite convincing, but is it?

BMW M3 S3 R by Dinan
BMW M3 S3 R by Dinan

Thanks to some clever work with the intake, now made out of carbon fiber and being a high flow unit and teamed with throttle bodies big enough to be used on jets, the power goes up considerably.

What used to be a “just over 400” horsepower 4.0 liter V8 now develops a considerably beefier 527 horsepower and 407 lb-ft of torque.

That’s not all. Dinan Tuning have taken quite the liking to small carbon fiber components that make a noticeable difference.

This is why you get front strut braces and racing rear toe links made out of the same materials fitted as well.

BMW M3 S3 R by Dinan
BMW M3 S3 R by Dinan

It’s important to remember that all these mods mean that the S3-R has a little less weight than the M3 before.

Essentially, you get an E92 M3 with a smudge less weight but considerably more power from Dinan Tuning. At this point it’s not very difficult to do the maths.

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