BMW 7 Series Tuning

F01 BMW 7 Series by Tuningwerk

In the realm of big luxury barges such as the BMW 7 Series, there’s a certain level of presentation and elegance that must be maintained.

This is usually achieved thanks to the length of the vehicle, the badge on the back and keeping it as clean as a whistle.

BMW 750Li by Tuningwerk
BMW 750Li by Tuningwerk

The Germans at Tuningwerk disagree. Either that or they’ve developed a version of the 7 Series that’s aimed at drug dealers and hip hop videos.

They may have painted it black and gone for a “murdered” appeal but this isn’t the sort of car you’d lose in a parking lot. It’s the long wheelbase Li version of the 740i to begin with.

Tuningwerk fitted a new bodykit all around which is made out of carbon fiber and 20 inch alloy wheels wrapped in high-performance Pirelli P-Zero tires. That sound great for performance, not so great for quietness.

BMW 750Li by Tuningwerk
BMW 750Li by Tuningwerk

So far we’re not looking at too much of a BMW 7 Series tune-up I don’t approve of. What the German tuner did to the 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 is somewhat heart changing.

The standard 407 horsepower is upgraded to either 530 horsepower and 545 lb-ft of torque (in the GT Edition) or 720 horsepower and 803 lb-ft of torque in the RS Edition.

With those sort of figures, the new tires and the slightly lighter body the 0 to 62 figure drops to 4.2 seconds and 3.5 seconds respectively. Much of the same happens with the top speed figure.

BMW 750Li by Tuningwerk
BMW 750Li by Tuningwerk

Having removed the limiter the Tuningwerk BMW 7 Series will hit either 193 mph or 217 mph. I just might forgive the rather edgy exterior for these specs.

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