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Vorsteiner GTRS3 is one bad BMW M3

The BMW M3 is usually a restrained sort of car, the kind that gets lost in traffic and doesn’t need to flex its muscles.

In E92 Coupe form, the M3 does start wearing tight shirts and some puffed up jewelry but that still didn’t tell the full story of what it could do.

BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3
BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3

If you really want to have a look at the real bad boy that is the BMW M3 you’ll need to go to Vorsteiner who’ll hook you up with a GTRS3 kit.

Vorstiner’s GTRS3 is a wide body package that’s simply outrageous. It’s like getting a set of tattoos on a big scar you got in jail.

Certainly, not everybody can associate with that situation but there’s no denying the GTRS3 makes the M3 look properly aggressive.

BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3
BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3

We’re told that Wheels Boutique has participated a bit in creating the creation of this process but that’s not really the most important part.

Every single bit is made out of carbon fiber and since they change anything except the roof (which already is made of carbon) there’s a lot of weight to lose.

Since you get one of the finest German built and German tuned chassis with the looks to match, you’ll probably be looking for a new performance package to hide under the bonnet.

BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3
BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3

Vorsteiner isn’t ready to give you such a kit but if you look up G-Power or VF Engineering, you’ll find just how much grunt that 4.0 liter V8 engine can produce when it’s not in standard form.

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