BMW 1 Series Tuning

AC Schnitzer ACS1 E82 1 Series

Even though it has been improved by quite a bit, the BMW 1 Series doesn’t feel like it really stands up as a proper Bavarian model.

First of all, unless you get a really big engine it doesn’t really cut the mustard in terms of performance. Even then, there’s something to consider.

AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW E82
AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW E82

The older, E82 generation of the 1 Series BMW does need a bit of tuning if its to provide the full extend of capabilities one would expect from such a car.

AC Schnitzer’s ACS1 kit seems to be doing just that. With the 3.0 liter twin turbocharged engine in the 135i used as a package you get … everything really.

The torque and power levels are as good as most 3 Series models and even more than the 1 Series M Coupe. With 360 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque on tap, performance is critical.

AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW E82
AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW E82

The sprint from 0 to 60 takes less than five seconds and should you dare keep your foot in such a small car, the top speed figure is now 186 mph.

AC Schnitzer then offers a new radiator grille, a full bodykit consisting of bumpers, skirts and less obvious aerodynamic gimmicks.

A new spoiler, new rear wing and an integrated diffuser are all there to keep you on the road even at the high speeds this car can do.

AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW E82
AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW E82

I still don’t care for the way the German tuner plants its name in decals on the side of the car but with such a sharp performance kit and a new suspension setup you’ll probably have other things on your mind.

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