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AC Schnitzer BMW X1 tuning kit

As we all know, BMW is going on the offensive with the launch of the facelifted version of the 2013 BMW X1 and its introduction to the US market.

While all this is going the older version isn’t too eager to disappear from the scene. This could be quite the market opportunity for the guys over a AC Schnitzer.

AC Schnitzer BMW X1
AC Schnitzer BMW X1

They have a special tuning kit ready for the previous version of the BMW X1 for a couple of years now and it might just make a comeback.

A new body kit consists of a fresh front bumper, different sideskirts and a new rear bumper. All of these make quite the basis for aggression with the CUV.

These changes are complemented by a lowered suspension kit and the option of having new alloy wheels ranging between 18 and 20 inches.

AC Schnitzer BMW X1
AC Schnitzer BMW X1

Moving higher up the body of the “old” BMW X1, AC Schnitzer fits a new hood with special air intakes and a new rear spoiler.

Step inside the AC Schnitzer BMW X1 and you’ll find special treats all over the place but most of the essence of the CUV remains.

More of the same can be found once the bonnet is lifted. The German tuner offers up a power package for each of the engines available under its bonnet.

AC Schnitzer BMW X1
AC Schnitzer BMW X1

The BMW X1 xDrive18d is tweaked up to 171 hp, the BMW X1 xDrive20d gets 210 horsepower and the N20 petrol engine is tweaked up to around 270 horsepower.

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