BMW 7 Series Tuning

BMW 7 Series by AC Schnitzer

The Bavarians are cooking up quite the development process for their most luxurious model, the F01 BMW 7 Series.

There’s a facelift on the way, there’s talk of an M Performance model and there’s a bit of concern over how the new upcoming S Class will shake a few teeth out.

AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series
AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series

Meanwhile, the tuning industry likes to keep cars like these sharp. As one of the leading presences of the business AC Schnitzer are only too eager to show us what they have for the 7 Series.

Tuning a hot hatch is simple, tuning a convertible sports car is a little trickier but still pretty straight forward. Tuning a large luxury sedan is complicated however.

AC Schnitzer have done pretty well, they’ve changed the aerodynamics of the body kit quite substantially and yet have kept the car dignified enough to be parked at any business meeting.

AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series
AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series

A new wheel selection is available which can get a little controversial but it’s still acceptable stuff. Chrome 21 inch rollers are ok as long as they’re not funnily painted or anything.

Finally, we get to the performance boosts AC Schnitzer offers for their tuned up 7 Series. They only tune up the diesel engines.

There’s 31 more horses to be had with the lesser 3.0 liter six cylinder and 54 horses for the upgraded 740d version. The rest of the kit is available for any version though.

AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series
AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series

What is even more unsettling than that is the fact that AC Schnitzer got themselves the idea that offering a sport suspension is acceptable.

Lowering it by 25 millimeters and talking about stability isn’t the best thought really.

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