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Eisenmann creates special exhaust for F10 BMW M5

The BMW M5 has been with us for the best part of three decades now and Eisenmann, a tuning company, has been with us for the same time.

Over a period of 27 years the German exhaust specialist has been evolving rather nicely, just as the Bavarian super sedan has.

Eisenmann BMW M5 exhaust
Eisenmann BMW M5 exhaust

To celebrate the point at which they’ve arrived, Eisenmann have unveiled a very special kind of “poo chutes” for the F10 M5, with a twist.

We all know that BMW have actually added “fake” noises to the interior because of sound deadening issues and so on but with the Eisenmann setup that’s redundant.

Just have a proper hear at how loud and still refined the engine can be once the hand built addon is fitted with the video below:

Surprisingly, the system is so advanced now that there are options you can have for it as well. You can opt for a full stainless steel construction or one that’s even more advanced.

The latter is a mix between stainless steel and Inconel, a special material in terms of thermal properties. The system is called a hybrid but that term doesn’t fit too well with the M5.

There’s other options Eisenmann offers for the new exhaust bu these are mainly for the way the muffler tips are designed.

Eisenmann BMW M5 exhaust
Eisenmann BMW M5 exhaust

You can have your pick between 90 mm round tips, four 102 mm round tips or four 120x77mm oval tips. All crucial stuff if you’ve customized the sound of your car and you may be desperate for people to notice.

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