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F10 BMW M5 gets tweaked by 3D Design

It had been a while since a tuner came up with a fresh package for the BMW M5, particularly the F10 version but fans need not worry.

3D Design is here to the rescue. Unlike what the name would suggest they didn’t provide us with a set of renderings or anything like that.

3D Design F10 BMW M5
3D Design F10 BMW M5

3D Design went on to actually sharpen up the F10 BMW M5 with a new aerodynamic kit that’s to help airflow all around and underneath the sports sedan.

The new kit features a front lip, new splitters, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a trunk spoiler which are all made out of carbon fiber.

Alongside the revised aero, 3D Design offer the F10 BMW M5 some other changes all of which are quite greatly meshed with the standard features of the car.

3D Design F10 BMW M5
3D Design F10 BMW M5

For example, the stainless steel exhaust system is always something welcome on a car and though enlarged tips aren’t the best way to go, they do feel at place here.

Then they got together with Ohlins and set to work on a brand new suspension system. That’s generally a worry with an M5 BMW since there’s a good chance it might be ruined.

Hopefully that’s not the case, but we won’t find out till it’s finally sorted out and actually fitted to the car rather than a few lines in a press release.

3D Design F10 BMW M5
3D Design F10 BMW M5

Until then, 3D Design distracts us with a promise for an upgraded interior that’s loaded with bits such as a new pedal set, floor mats and a gauge pod.


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