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G-Power turns BMW 760i into a Storm

Everybody knows the current version of the BMW 7 Series is on its last legs. The facelift is under way and more and more people are focused on it.

Meanwhile, the power obsessed Germans at G-Power tuning are still telling us about how great their Storm conversion for the 760i is.

G-Power BMW 760i Storm
G-Power BMW 760i Storm

Whereas most tuners would keep things dignified and the visual mods to a minimum, G-Power simply did what they felt was needed.

The end result is rather startling. The once elegant and very simply styled BMW 760i now seems to have taken the appearance of a Hulk-like limo.

It now has a front end that’s ungainly covered with grilles and vents and oh boy have they done a number on the bonnet.

G-Power BMW 760i Storm
G-Power BMW 760i Storm

The new vents and louvres in that mix brilliantly with the styling tweaks they’ve made to the side and rear of the car.

What should be pointed out is that the G-Power BMW 760i gets all these styling changes in order to refine the aerodynamics and high speed stability.

This is because under the bonnet we now find a twin-turbo V12 with 725 horsepower and up to 921 lb-ft of torque. Obviously that power has an effect on performance.

G-Power BMW 760i Storm
G-Power BMW 760i Storm

Even though you’re dealing with a luxury sedan that weighs in around the 2 tonne figure, the 0 to 62 time is 4.2 seconds and the top speed figure is 214 mph.

That set of numbers kind of explains why G-Power is calling this tuned up BMW 760 Li a Storm.

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