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Hartge delivers one of the first F20 BMW 1 Series M-Sport

One lucky Bimmerpost forum owner has recently taken delivery of his new car, it’s a Hartge spec F20 BMW 1 Series with the M Sport package.

As a man who knows what he wants, he didn’t just ship the car over to the German tuner and opt for everything on the list.

F20 BMW 1 Series by Hartge
F20 BMW 1 Series by Hartge

His requests stopped at just some of the goodies and surprisingly, they’re not the ones most easily predictable of the list.

This F20 BMW 1 Series receives a Hartge sports suspension setup, the 19 inch alloy wheels Hartge calls the Ultima set.

On top of these changes (and the M Sport package), the 1 Series receives dual round tail pipes and brand new custom made floor mats.

F20 BMW 1 Series by Hartge
F20 BMW 1 Series by Hartge

The Black Sapphire finish chosen by the owner goes well with anything so fitting those alloys wheels and that exhaust setup couldn’t go wrong.

This F20 here was ordered with an automatic gearbox and the 116d’s powerplant. Hartge does offer an ecu remap for this particular engine but the owner didn’t specify it.

Not sure if it’s a matter of cost, or future plans, but it seems a little weird to go for the options that make your car somewhat more uncomfortable and not go for the added performance.

F20 BMW 1 Series by Hartge
F20 BMW 1 Series by Hartge

Who knows, maybe he wants the looks of the Hartge version of the F20 BMW 1 Series but isn’t ready or interested in messing around with its fuel economy capabilities.

More details on the complete kit Hartge has in store for the F20 BMW 1 Series can be found here.


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