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Quick look – Hartge’s BMW Z4

Hartge tuning have come one step further in developing their special package for the BMW Z4. Obviously we’re talking about the E89 model.

The Germans have worked their magic once again and though this package looks substantially different from the one you get as standard, the Hartge Z4 still feels like a Bavarian product.

Hartge BMW Z4 E89
Hartge BMW Z4 E89

And if you reckon the look is something to admire, the technology underneath it is probably going to be soothing.

Under the bonnet, Hartge offers up special package s for the sDrive35i and the sDrive35is packages (the sDrive28i is the one that’s missing).

The mid range six cylinder engine goes from the standard 306 horsepower up to 340. The torque figure is also improved and now stands at 369 lb-ft.

Hartge BMW Z4 E89
Hartge BMW Z4 E89

The more potent version of the same engine starts at 340 horsepower but goes all the way up to 401, with a new torque figure standing at 391 lb-ft.

Everything was simply achieved thanks to an ECU remap and a new exhaust kit. At least the handling package does feature a new suspension.

From here on we get to that body I was talking about earlier. It’s much better looking than ever before and it’s complete.

Hartge BMW Z4 E89
Hartge BMW Z4 E89

The Hartge BMW Z4 gets a fresh front spoiler and
HARTGE lip for boot lid as well as a few other more upgrades that are trickier to spot.

Inside the Hartge BMW Z4 E89 there’s a liberal use of fine materials, aluminium polished bits and a further refined level of leather.

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