BMW 7 Series Tuning

Remember – BMW 7 Series by Lumma Design

I will admit, tuning isn’t for all cars and for most BMW models. Despite this, I can’t help but appreciate special models that come along from time to time.

One of the most special yet least tuned models around is the BMW 7 Series. The F01 has been with us for a while now and in that time few people have tried to mess around with it.

Lumma Design BMW 7 Series
Lumma Design BMW 7 Series

It’s both good and bad but since it’s Lumma Design we’ll take a second look at what they want to tempt people who have a 7 Series with.

Make that people who have a BMW 7 Series and aren’t business men. The last thing that lot would want is to stand out with their cars.

Those who want one, aren’t going to be disappointed. Lumma Design fits a full new body kit with aerodynamics in mind.

Lumma Design BMW 7 Series
Lumma Design BMW 7 Series

That aspect is somewhat less important as what we’re going to focus on is the looks. The new front bumper makes for more aggression and it’s one more point towards getting other people out of the way.

The new sideskirts and the rear bumpers speak a different game, they want to make the BMW 7 Series more of a sleek looker since the Li model is quite bulky.

New 22 inch alloy wheels teamed with Vredestein tires will likely be louder inside but will almost certainly provide more of a grippy feel of the car.

Lumma Design BMW 7 Series
Lumma Design BMW 7 Series

Otherwise, no dynamic changes are in store from Lumma Design. The engine and drivetrain remain the same things BMW fits at the factory.

That’s just great, what isn’t so great is the carbon fiber touches, particularly round the kidney grille.

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