BMW M3 Tuning

Akrapovic custom exhaust for BMW M3 seen at work

There’s a lot to say. I’ve probably even hurt somebody as I managed to filter out the ranted on something else not carrying.

The BMW M3, in this E92 form, is one of the aging rock stars of the day so it feels like it’s aging. The only trouble really comes in with the 1 M.

Akrapovic BMW M32
Akrapovic BMW M32

Since the M3 was getting a little old, they had to make the 1M a little slower in order to keep the product lineup “logical”.

Some added performance in the BMW M3 really wouldn’t hurt it. And there’s another thing the hottest 3 Series could get along with.

Getting some extra engagement is a little tricky, particularly in the loud pedal reactions to prodding. No real complaints are made about the performance of the M3.

That said, it wouldn’t bother anybody to get a little bit more power and, more importantly a lot more noise.

There’s only one tuning upgrade that could genuinely satisfy both these aspects, the exhaust system. This is where Akrapovic come in with this video.

Just take a good listen of the sort of rumble coming out of that thing there and realize that spending the extra money is well worth it.

Akrapovic BMW M3
Akrapovic BMW M3

On the performance front, the new Akrapovic exhaust provides an extra 22 hp and 26 lb-ft of torque and, since it’s made out of titanium it drops 53 lbs from the final weight as well.

I’m not a fan of exhausts modded just for the sake of noise but when it works all these fronts not even I can say no.

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