BMW M3 Tuning

E90 BMW M3 tuning mix

We love it when a single tuner delivers a perfectly optimized package for any particular car on the market but we love it even more when projects like these appear.

Built on what’s undoubtedly the vision of a single person, it’s an E90 BMW M3 that receives some tuning bits from various places in the tuning industry.

E90 BMW M3 tuning
E90 BMW M3 tuning

The end result is something clearly worth appreciating since it looks great and handles in the same special, distinctive way a BMW should.

Exterior changes see a set of Battleship Grey HRE alloy wheels fitted over the now painted blue brake calipers. The effect is pretty nifty and accentuated by the near slick tires wrapped around them.

In between the design and performance aspect, this E90 BMW M3 gets a series of carbon fiber components to replace the standard panels.

E90 BMW M3 tuning
E90 BMW M3 tuning

A new lip and set of wing mirrors is what you can immediately identify but the whole roof panel was also swapped out and a few other trickier details to prove.

No details are given out because the owner, a certain fanatic named Biglare only really cared about the peace of mind of improvement rather than hard facts.

If you think about it, it’s a brilliant way of handling things, particularly in the tuning market where often figures outweigh the details.

E90 BMW M3 tuning
E90 BMW M3 tuning

It is a little frustrating when it comes to the engine compartment though. This particular tuning mix M3 receives an ESS Supercharger Kit.

That’s good to know but there are two main tuning options on it, a Stage II with 530 horsepower and a Stage III with 600 horsepower and we don’t know which one is employed.

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