BMW Z4 Tuning

G-Power turned the old BMW Z4 into SK Plus

If you’re the sort of person who really loved the aggressive and rather uncomfortable setup of the original version of the BMW Z4, the E85, you may want to pay extra attention.

Buying an old one of these cars is actually quite accessible and then you’ll have to do something to it so that it keeps up with the new E89 powerhouse.

G-Power BMW Z4
G-Power BMW Z4

Who else could you turn to if you wanted more power from your BMW if not German specialist G-Power? Call them up and look into their SK Plus package.

Assuming you’ve got yourself the proper roadster, the 3.0 liter straight six cylinder powered version of the Z4, you can have some extra grunt.

The G-Power SK Plus package is inspired by the sort of engine mods the tuner fits to their infamous Hurricane RR and imply the fitting of a Sporty Drive supercharger system.

G-Power BMW Z4
G-Power BMW Z4

What that entices is that the BMW Z4 now has 286 horsepower under its bonnet and 254 lb-ft of torque will pull you along.

That’s a bump of 55, respectively 41, over the standard model. 20 inch light alloy wheels and Michelin sporty tires is what will also contribute to the speed.

The latter will also be helpful to the handling package. Since G-Power also fit an adjustable coilover suspension package, there’s probably no complaints to consider.

G-Power BMW Z4
G-Power BMW Z4

An untouched version of the standard chassis will almost certainly handle the power boost, but going from 0 to 62 in just 5.4 seconds is always a good reason to sharpen a car up.

Finally, there’s a few cosmetic bits to consider but even so, G-Power charges as little as 4000 USD for the BMW Z4 package.

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