BMW 1 Series Tuning

Hartge revisits BMW 1 Series

Hartge Tuning have been offering body kits for the F20 1 Series for quite some time now. Last we heard, the Germans had started messing with the engine bay.

Having tuned up some of the diesel powerplants found in the 1 Series, they’ve now turned attention to the petrol powered engines.

Hartge BMW 1 Series
Hartge BMW 1 Series

To begin with, the smallest, most frugal and cheapest model that BMW offers. The BMW 116i gets its grunt from a gasoline sipping four cylinder.

It may be helped along by the infamous TwinPower Turbo system as long as direct injection but the 1.6 liter engine still only offers 136 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque.

Hartge have quickly messed about with the brain of that engine and managed to make it produce 171 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque.

The new figures aren’t going to shock anybody but they do make a difference, particularly when it comes to acceleration at overtaking speeds.

That’s why the German tuner even posted a video of the differences it makes on a quick acceleration between 50 and 112 mph.

Over the difference is considerably easier to spot since there’s a 7 second gap in what’s usually a 27 second spot. Overtaking is certainly more fun in the Hartge tuned 116i.

Hartge BMW 1 Series
Hartge BMW 1 Series

If you’re interested in pricing for this remap or any of the other bits Hartge is offering for the BMW 1 Series you’ll have to contact them directly.

Despite the secrecy, we don’t expect any major price hike if you’re going to order this modification and nothing else extra. Well, maybe the wheels.

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