BMW Z4 Tuning

LSD Tuning give BMW Z4 a new edge

I’m not very interested into marrying. I don’t like convertibles too much either. Despite both these facts, If i could, I’d marry a BMW Z4.

Just as long as it has the double Ds of that beautiful 3.0 liter twin-turbo straight six cylinder engine under the bonnet.

LSD Tuning BMW Z4
LSD Tuning BMW Z4

To me, it’s one of the finest cars you can have fun with. To some however, it needs something extra, an edge, if you will.

Which is what the Germans at LSD Tuning are offering it with two new features that are for sale at their stable.

That new set of sporty five spoke alloy wheels is lovely, but not very imaginative. The same can not be said about the doors.

LSD Tuning BMW Z4
LSD Tuning BMW Z4

Butterfly, scissor, whatever you want to call them, these new gates are pretty much the ultimate show off tool you can have on any car.

Naturally, they fit the BMW Z4 beautifully. Since however the LSD Tuning developers are German, they go about doing things the most boring way possible.

Those stunning doors have been built to aircraft grade precision and yet they’ve received a TUV Parts Certificate from the authorities.

Not only do the new LSD Tuning doors look great on the BMW Z4, they represent no compromise on the health and safety aspects of the car.

LSD Tuning BMW Z4
LSD Tuning BMW Z4

They’re cool, but they’re strong and reinforced in order to maintain the original passenger compartment rigidity. Further more, the LSD Tuning BMW Z4 features reversible hinges.

No metal is cut or modified in order to make the fitting possible. It sounds boring but it’s actually a bit of an engineering accomplishment.

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