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LTBMW create F30 3 Series crossbreed

LTBMW, not the kind of initials we expect to see from the Bavarian products but they do feel very similar to the likes that come directly from the factory.

The product they offer is also very similar to the one that comes from the factory, particularly the F30 3 Series and the 1 Series M Coupe.

LTBMW F30 BMW 3 Series
LTBMW F30 BMW 3 Series

How can one product look a lot like two other ones? Well, through the magic of crossbreeding that has the front end off one of them fitted to the other.

Not the whole front end, obviously, that would end up creating something that Frankenstein himself would be proud off but the front bumper was swapped and adapted between the two.

The effect is profound. The newly aggressive radiator grille, new more sharply cut headlights and its overall more sleek look isn’t doing brilliantly with the rather subtle lower front bumper.

LTBMW F30 BMW 3 Series
LTBMW F30 BMW 3 Series

The more sporting version of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe’s front bumper is completely more appropriate.

It would seem that even though the M Division isn’t best known for design work, they do some of the best around. Which kind of makes us wonder in expectation at what the F30 M3 will end up looking like.

Going for the last bit of tweaks, LTBMW also offer a sporty, lowered suspension kit and a set of aggressive HRE P44SC alloy wheels.

LTBMW F30 3 Series
LTBMW F30 3 Series

As far as we know, the California based company is already tweaking other ideas into the F30 3 Series and will eventually mess around with the performance as well.

Not a bad way to enter the scene right?

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