BMW 5 Series Tuning

Prior Design does the BMW 5 Series

Since we took a proper look at the body kit Prior Design offers for the BMW M6, we came across the spread they put out for the 5 Series.

The F10 BMW 5 Series gets another piece of great Prior Design work and looks great. It looks great in the same way the standard car does.

Prior Design BMW 5 Series
Prior Design BMW 5 Series

Every line and every detail of the lower body kit is beautifully done yet it features something different from what you’d expect.

Apart from the new look, Prior Design promises to have revised the aerodynamics as well and the engineering goes beyond this.

It’s not just a new addon rear roof spoiler, a new diffusor. The new five star diamond wheels are here as well to help cool your brakes.

Prior Design BMW 5 Series
Prior Design BMW 5 Series

Apparently you can fit the new kit any version of the BMW 5 Series you might have; could this possibly mean the estate bodied one is on the list?

That remains to be seen, what is clear so far is that the newly fitted LED Daytime Running Lights visible here are optional extras.

Which sounds like a great idea, some of us genuinely think the trademark BMW lighting solution is more than enough for day to day life.

Prior Design BMW 5 Series
Prior Design BMW 5 Series

The white paint that gets black accents on the lower sides or a refinished roof isn’t included in the package but nor is it listed as a priced option.

Perhaps it’s included free of charge with fitting at Prior Design headquarter. That is not surprising given how the entire package costs some 2000 euros excluding the wheels.

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  1. With the great piece of Prior design work, the new F10 5 Series from the German based BMW Motors looks exceptionally great both inside and outside.

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