BMW X5M Tuning

Reminder: Tuningwerk NR X5Ms

We’ve been having a look at German tuner Tuningwerk‘s work recently and though we promise to cool it off a bit, we couldn’t resist the opulence of the NR X5Ms.

It was originally a BMW X5M, one of the crazily fast SUVs of our time. There’s just no serious point in owning that car but thankfully, there’s plenty of non-serious ones.

BMW X5 Tuningwerk NR X5Ms
BMW X5 Tuningwerk NR X5Ms

With the Tuningwerk version, that special character is becoming even more obvious as it is now a completely crazy proposition.

To that respect the Tuningwerk NR X5Ms really is the sort of vehicle that needs a straight jacket.

If the regular X5 was never an off-road car and the X5 M took that road use only even further, the NR X5Ms almost feels as if you should only drive it on a track.

BMW X5 Tuningwerk NR X5Ms
BMW X5 Tuningwerk NR X5Ms

The 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged engine comes with two levels of tuning. There’s a 650 horsepower Technical Control Board approved version or an all out 740 horsepower option.

Each of them brings along new other numbers, thus you can have 590 or 774 lb-ft of torque and a 0 to 62 figure of 3.3 or 4.1 seconds.

The top speed figure of the Tuningwerk NR X5Ms is also variable but not because of the choice in power. It’s the tires that can limit you to 186 or 211 (!) mph.

BMW X5 Tuningwerk NR X5Ms
BMW X5 Tuningwerk NR X5Ms

Imagine that, driving something the likes of a Lamborghini flat out on the Autobahn and being overtaken by a huge lumbering SUV.

It may have Tuningwerk written on the back but let’s face it, it’s still an X5. One of the craziest cars around but it’s certainly the sort of pleasure we’d all like to experience at a point in life.

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